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Fundraiser Metrics

  • 16 Aug 2022 9:02 AM
    Message # 12885281
    Marcy Myers (Administrator)

    We are looking at updating our fundraiser metrics.  What data points does your organization include? 

    • proposals submitted
    • dollar goal
    • dollars raised
    • # of substantial interactions
    • % of the portfolio in the moves management continuum
    • last date of contact

    These are some of the data points I am thinking about reducing our metrics to.


  • 17 Aug 2022 9:23 AM
    Reply # 12886544 on 12885281

    Hi Marcy!

    We use:

    • Major gift asks
    • Major gift closes
    • Personal substantive meetings
    • Prospect leads
    • % of portfolio with completed interaction & future-dated interaction


  • 17 Aug 2022 11:56 AM
    Reply # 12886788 on 12885281


    We use the David Lively(Northwestern) system  .  It's a weighted point system. At 100% of each metric goal they get:

    MG Closes - 44 pts

    MG Asks - 25 pts

    Dollars - 18 pts

    Qualification Visits - 8 pts

    Personal Visits - 5 pts

    They get  points from 1 - 200% of each metric goal.

  • 22 Aug 2022 2:43 PM
    Reply # 12892092 on 12885281

    @Marcy - how do you define "substantial interactions"?

    @Lane - how do you define "Personal substantive meetings"


  • 23 Aug 2022 8:23 AM
    Reply # 12892813 on 12892092
    Sarah Sturm wrote:

    @Marcy - how do you define "substantial interactions"?

    @Lane - how do you define "Personal substantive meetings"


    Hi Sarah,

    Our definition below. PSMs can be in person or remote via phone or video call.

    •  A substantive discussion/contact is defined as an interaction that advances the philanthropic conversation.
    •  Should include new documented information about inclination, capacity, and readiness to make a gift.
      •  As a general rule, substantive conversations are planned in advance (i.e. development person makes an appointment with the prospect to have the conversation), they last more than a few minutes, and the development person is able to gather key pieces of information in a strategic way to qualify the prospect or otherwise move the relationship forward.

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